Corporate Investor Q&As


Q Under which brand was Corporate Investor originally sold? 

A Corporate Investor was originally sold by CMI Insurance Company Limited. RL360 Group completed the acquisition of Clerical Medical International in November 2015, and Corporate Investor policies are now administered under RL360° Services. 


Q How long was a Corporate Investor designed to be held? 

A Corporate Investor was designed as a medium to long-term investment and should therefore be held ideally for 5 years or more.


Changing the policy

Q Can the policy basis be changed? 

A No. The policy basis cannot be changed after issue. 


Q Can the policy currency be changed? 

A No. The policy currency must remain the same as the currency selected at application stage.



Q Can I hold assets such as stocks, shares, cash deposits and structured products within the policy? 

A Yes. Corporate Investor can hold a wide range of assets subject to PPB regulations and our acceptance - please contact us if you are unsure whether your policy can hold a certain type of asset. 


Q Who is responsible for investment decisions? 

A You or the company you nominate to act on your behalf. RL360° does not provide investment advice and will not provide you with guidance as to investments which are suitable for you.


Corporate Investor is a policy where its value is linked to the assets you choose to invest in. In some cases you may be making decisions yourself or with the aid of your financial adviser, or allowing an investment adviser or discretionary manager to make them for you. Corporate Investor empowers you with the ability to access a vast number of different assets from many companies across the globe, but RL360° Services is not responsible for how those monies are then invested, we only reflect their value within your policy. It is their performance which ultimately impacts on your policy with us. Simply and importantly you must ensure you are happy with the investment choices that you or your adviser are making. We will not check their suitability for you.


There is a clear division of responsibilities between RL360° Services as a product provider providing you with Corporate Investor and the companies which manage the investments to which your policy value is linked.


The assets you chose should have a range of supporting materials available from the company that provides them. These will commonly detail how the investment is structured, how it is performing, the make up of its underlying assets and usually much more.


The final responsibility for asset selection lies with you and your adviser. If the assets selected for your policy reduce in value, this will reduce your policy value and RL360° Services will not compensate you as a result.