Investment Account Introduction

Investment Account

Policy Numbers 2600001A to 2699999Z

The Investment Account was originally sold by CMI Insurance Company Limited. It was an offshore single premium bond, with some life cover. The product was intended as a medium to long-term investment, ideally for 5 years or more. 


The Investment Account is no longer open to new investors, but we continue to manage policies for existing customers.


Switching funds

There is a range of investment funds and Offshore With-Profits funds available to the Investment Account. You can find out more information via our Fund Centre page and With-Profits pages. The Fund Centre is where you can find performance information and factsheets. Please note that some funds listed are not available to Hong Kong policyholders. 


You can switch between the available funds up to 12 times per calendar year, free of charge. Any additional switches are charged at 1% of the value of the units being switched, subject to a minimum charge of £10 and a maximum charge of £250. 


If you are switching out of an Offshore With-Profits Fund a market value adjuster (MVA) may apply.