Corporate Investor Introduction

Corporate Investor

Policy Numbers CP001 to CP0119

Corporate Investor was originally sold by CMI Insurance Company Limited. It was an offshore single premium, open-architecture portfolio bond. The product was intended as a medium to long-term investment, ideally for 5 years or more. 


Corporate Investor is no longer open to new investors, but we continue to manage policies for existing customers.


Changing investments

Corporate Investor allows you to invest into almost any type of asset, with some exceptions. If you are unsure as to whether or not an asset can be held under your policy please contact us. The first 4 dealing transactions each policy year are free (a buy and a sell = 2 transactions). The minimum initial purchase into an asset is £1,000 ($1,500 or €1,500). 


With effect from June 2017 our internal insurance funds are no longer available to Corporate Investor policies.