Portfolio Bond Fund Updates

Second Liquidation Distribution February 2018 - Glanmore Property Fund - Published: 26 Mar 2018

A second liquidation distribution of £0.46 per share has been paid to clients for value 13 February 2018.

Liquidation Distribution February 2018 - EEA Life Settlement Run-Off Cells - Published: 16 Mar 2018

The Fund has announced its intention to process a compulsory redemption in order to pay out a distribution to those persons registered as holders as at the 12th February 2018.

Liquidators Update February 2018 - Mansion Student Accommodation Fund - Published: 16 Mar 2018

Update received from the Cell Liquidator with regards to the progress of the liquidation.

Fund Closures - Investment Solutions Fund Range - Published: 27 May 2016

As a result of closures by the underlying fund provider, HBOS Investment Fund Managers (“HIFML”), on 20 May 2016 we will be closing 12 CMI Investment Solutions funds. Click on this story for more details and to view samples of the policyholder letters we have issued.