Second Liquidation Distribution February 2018 - Glanmore Property Fund

A second liquidation distribution of £0.46 per share has been paid to investors for value 13 February 2018.

Following approval at the AGM on 13 February 2018 the Liquidators, Grant Thornton, have paid out a second distribution of £0.46 per share. If you hold this fund in your portfolio bond, RL360° Services can confirm that they have received and credited the payment to your policy cash account.


In addition to the first distribution of £2.38 per share paid on the 29 March 2017, this increased the total value to £2.82 per share paid to the shareholders to date.


It is anticipated that there may be a final distribution of residual funds at the conclusion of the liquidation, though it is not expected to exceed £0.033 per share.


The Liquidators’ next report to shareholders will be provided on or around the second anniversary of the liquidation, being 29 November 2018, or at the conclusion of the liquidation, whichever is the earliest.