Hong Kong Guaranteed Growth Funds

The Guaranteed Growth Funds

The Guaranteed Growth Funds (GGF) are an investment option available for the Flexible Saving Plan, Premier Account and Lifetime and Wealthmaster plans. The GGFs are designed to generate capital growth over the medium to long term (at least five years), with some stability over the short term.

When money is taken out of GGFs by investors, payouts aim to reflect the overall investment return of the fund over the term of each customer’s investment.

In some investment conditions a final bonus, called a surrender bonus dividend may be added for withdrawals or switches from the GGFs before the end of the investment term or before the plan’s maturity date.

For encashments that arise because a death claim is made or the investment term ends, a claim bonus dividend may be added to top up the value being paid out to reflect a fair share of the investment growth over the term. A claim bonus dividend may also be applied to pre-specified withdrawals from the GGFs.

The tables below list details of each of the Guaranteed Growth Funds that are still in force. If you are not sure which series you are invested in, please contact us.

Guaranteed Growth Fund Series 2

Products Lifetime & Wealthmaster Plans (Regular Premium)
Min Term 6 Years
Launch date 11 December 1998
Closure date Not applicable
First maturity date 11 December 2004
Last maturity date Not applicable

Guaranteed Growth Fund Series 5.03

Products Lifetime & Wealthmaster Plans
Min Term 20 Years
Launch date 1 March 2000
Closure date 28 February 2001
First maturity date 1 March 2020
Last maturity date 28 February 2021

Guaranteed Growth Fund Series 2001

Products Lifetime & Wealthmaster Plans + Portfolio (Single Premium)
Premier Accounts opened before 1 August 2003*
Min Term 10 Years
Launch date 1 February 2001
Closure date Not applicable
First maturity date 1 February 2011
Last maturity date Not applicable

* GGF 2001 was also a fund option available to Premier Accounts that were opened before 1 August 2003 and for investments until 10 November 2003. Premier Account increments into GGF 2001 could continue to be made into the GGF 2001 up until 10 November 2003. From 10 November 2003 all increments are made into GGF7.

Guaranteed Growth Fund Series 7

Products Flexible Savings Plan & Premier Account
Min Term Flexible Savings Plan - 10 Years* (MVA Free @ Maturity)
Premier Account - No minimum
Launch date 1 August 2003
Closure date Not applicable
First maturity date Flexible Savings Plan - 1 August 2013
Last maturity date Not applicable

* For GGF7 investments held within the Flexible Savings Plan, where the term to maturity is less than ten years at the start of the GGF7 investment, an MVA may apply, when the investment is taken, even if it is held until maturity.