Pension trustees

RL360° Services anti-money laundering requirements

We can accept original documents or certified copies of documents from any of the following: 

  • An authorised representative of an embassy or consulate of the country that issued the identification document.
  • A notary public, lawyer or advocate.
  • A Regulated Introducer (or authorised employee thereof).

Certified copies must include: 

  • The name, signature and position of the person providing the certification.
  • A statement to the effect that it is a true copy of an original.
  • The date on which the document was certified.


Any original documents will be returned upon request.


Please note that RL360° Services is unable to accept UK Regulated Introducers Certificates.


Proof of identity for pension trustees 

  • Member details (name, address and date of birth).
  • Satisfactory evidence of the proper appointment of the trustees/scheme administrator (relevant extract of the trust deed).
  • Proof of identity* in accordance with verification requirements for individual or corporate clients and specimen signatures of persons from whom RL360° Services is to take instructions.


If the applicant is a scheme administrator, the following will also be needed: 

  • Details of parties to the trust at the time the application was made as follows:
  • The Sponsoring Employer (Occupational Pension Schemes); and
  • Scheme members name, current address and date of birth; and
  • Details of any named beneficiary – full name, address and date of birth required or sufficient information to identify the class, corporate entity, charity or other beneficiary, if not an individual.
  • Nature and details of the business.
  • Completion of our Source of Wealth form for all investments.


*For UK, Isle of Man and Channel Island residents - one piece of photographic identification which incorporates either the applicant's date of birth or current residential address. 


*For non-UK residents – valid full passport and recent, less than 3 months old utility bill, bank statement, community charge (rates) or tax assessment documents. RL360° Services is unable to accept UK Regulated Introducers Certificates.