Retirement Choice & Classic Q&As


Q Under which brand was Retirement originally sold?

A Retirement was originally sold by CMI Insurance Company Limited. RL360 Group completed the acquisition of Clerical Medical International in November 2015, and the policies are now administered under RL360° Services.

Q How long was Retirement designed to be held?

A Retirement was designed as a medium to long-term investment and should be held for at least 10 years.

Changing the policy

Q Can the policy basis be changed after issue?

A No. The policy basis cannot be changed after issue.

Q Can the policy currency be changed?

A No. The policy currency must remain the same as the currency selected at application stage.


Q Can I pay more money into an existing plan?

A No. Unfortunately we are unable to accept new, non-contractual, monies into the plans.


Q What funds can I choose?

A You can choose from a range of investment funds or guaranteed growth funds. We provide a Fund Centre and Guaranteed Growth Funds pages to keep you informed about the fund range and their past performance.

Q Do I get charged for changing funds?

A You may switch funds up to 12 times in any calendar year, free of charge. If you request more than 12 switches, you will be charged 1% of the value of your switch, subject to a minimum charge of £10 and a maximum charge of £250.

Q Can I hold assets such as stocks, shares, cash deposits and structured products within my policy?

A No. You can only access the funds available in the plan fund range.

Q Who is responsible for my fund choices?

A You or the company you nominate to act on your behalf. RL360° Services does not provide investment advice and will not provide you with guidance as to which funds are suitable for you.


Q Can I take withdrawals from my plan?

A Yes. You can take regular withdrawals subject to a minimum of £200 ($300 or €300) and a maximum of 10% of your premiums paid per policy year.

We recommend you discuss the tax implications of taking withdrawals with your financial adviser.

Online Services

Q Can I view the performance of my plan online?

A RL360° provides online access for it's own policyholders and we fully intend to provide RL360° Services policyholders with online access too, in due course.