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Guaranteed Growth Fund Dividend Rates

Annual Dividend Rates

The annual dividend is a regular bonus which we announce on 1 February each year. We add the annual dividend to your investment by increasing the unit price of the Guaranteed Growth Fund (GGF) by the daily equivalent of the annual dividend rate. The bonus is quoted after the annual management charge has been deducted.

In exceptionally poor investment conditions, the annual dividend may be low or zero, in order to protect the fund.

The current rates are detailed in this Annual Dividend spreadsheet. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Claim Bonus

The claim bonus dividend is a possible final bonus, which may be paid at the end of the investment term or in the event of a death claim, to reflect investment performance over the time that you have been in the fund. It is in addition to the annual dividend and is added as a percentage of the bid value of the units.

The claim bonus dividend rate is reviewed on 1 February and 1 August each year, but we may need to change it at short notice if investment conditions change significantly.

The current rates are detailed in this Claim Bonus spreadsheet.

Surrender Bonus

If you come out of the fund before the end of the investment term, a surrender bonus may apply if investment performance has been good enough over the time that you have been in the fund. This will be paid in addition to the annual dividend rates that have already been added.

The surrender bonus rates can change at any time, but generally not more than once a month. Please note that either a claim bonus dividend or a surrender bonus dividend may apply, but not both.

If you are considering taking money out of the fund or making a switch, please contact us for the current surrender bonus rates.