Capital Protection Plan Q&As


Q Under which brand was Capital Protection Plan originally sold? 

A Capital Protection Plan was originally sold by Clerical Medical Investment Group Limited - Isle of Man Regional Office. RL360 Group concluded the acquisition of these contracts in April 2017, and the policies are now administered under RL360° Services. 


Q How long was Capital Protection Plan designed to be held? 

A Capital Protection Plan was a single premium, whole of life contract. The policy benefit becomes payable on the death of the single life assured or earlier surrender of the contract.


Changing the policy

Q Can the policy basis be changed after issue? 

A No. The policy basis cannot be changed after issue. 


Q Can the policy currency be changed? 

A No. The policy currency must remain the same as the currency selected at application stage.



Q Can I pay more money into an existing plan? 

A No. Unfortunately we are unable to accept new, non-contractual, monies into the plans.



Q What funds can I choose? 

A Each contract can only invest in one underlying With-Profits Fund which depends on the contract currency e.g. Sterling contracts invest in the Sterling Passport Series With-Profits Fund. We provide a Passport Series With-Profits Funds page to keep you informed about the fund. 


Q Can I hold assets such as stocks, shares, cash deposits and structured products within my policy? 

A No. You can only access the single fund specific to the currency of your policy.



Q Can I take withdrawals from my plan? 

A No. Neither regular withdrawals nor partial encashments are permitted.


Online Services

Q Can I view the performance of my plan online? 

A RL360° provides online access for its own policyholders, and we fully intend to provide RL360° Services policyholders with online access too, in due course.