Guaranteed Growth Fund MVA Rates

Market Value Adjuster (MVA) Rates

When you come to take money out of the fund at a date other than the maturity date or the end of a Guaranteed Growth Fund (GGF) investment term, depending on the type of plan, an MVA may apply and the pay out will be less than the unit value of your policy. 


When an MVA is applied the aim is to ensure a fair pay out of the investment performance to each investor, even in exceptional investment conditions. If an MVA deduction was not made in these investment conditions, the amounts paid out would be too high and would unfairly reduce the amount available to the other investors who remain in the fund and withdraw at a later date. 


The MVA rates can change at any time but are not expected to change more than once a month. 


Please contact us for confirmation of the current rates applicable to your policy if you are considering encashing the fund before the end of the investment term. 


If you would like further details regarding the current MVA that applies to your GGF investment, please contact our Customer Services Team on +44 (0)1624 638888.